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Sokol-Hohne Studios is a distinctive fine art studio and consulting firm. We work directly with interior designers, the hospitality industry, and private collectors to create exceptional artwork and art installations.

As a comprehensive art source, we provide all facets of art procurement through each phase to completion.  Our in-house art consultants and artists collaborate on every concept and art piece to provide you with innovative ideas, exciting imagery, and the perfect artwork collection for each project.


Through these collaborations, we continue to expand our library of art with current styles, trends and beautiful new works.  Our installations include luxury hotel signature sculptures, exclusive giclees for guestrooms, themed memorabilia and decorative wall-covering for public spaces.


  • Framed giclées on paper or canvas

  • Art wall coverings and murals

  • Interior and exterior sculptures

  • Originals or prints on specialized media

  • Accessories for suites, guestrooms and public spaces

  • Customized hospitality framing

  • Contemporary photography

  • Specialty Art Textiles

  • Hospitality Mirrors

  • Art on Case Goods

Some of our finished pieces include...

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